My Name Used to Be Muhammad


This review of My Name Used to Be Muhammad is provided by, Chris Schoebinger. Chris recently celebrated his 25th anniversary in the book industry and is currently a Product Director and Acquisitions Editor for Deseret Book and Shadow Mountain Publishing. Chris discovered such authors as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven series), Obert Skye (Leven Thumps series) and Jason F. Wright (Christmas Jars).


Tito’s story is riveting and jaw-dropping, but mostly inspiring!

I’ve been involved in publishing hundreds and hundreds of books in my publishing career. But publishing the book My Name Used to Be Muhammad was unlike any other experience I’ve ever had. The fact-finding, source-checking, editing, revising, more revising, securing the necessary approvals—frankly, it felt like the manuscript would derail at any given moment. I began to think that someone didn’t want this manuscript published. But with each obstacle a door opened and, finally, in the eleventh hour before the press date, we received the final approval to publish. I was overjoyed by the news. Frankly, ever since reading the first draft of the manuscript, I couldn’t get Tito’s story out of my mind. It’s simply that fascinating! It’s the kind of story that every publisher dreams about finding and sharing with the world. And it came to us through the hands of New York Times bestselling author Jeff Benedict. Jeff is an investigative journalist by trade. He lives to find the story behind the story. His writing is brilliant. His storytelling is masterful. His willingness to get to the root of the story is daring to say the least. Jeff traveled to Africa to meet with Tito Momen, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who was living in Ghana after being released from an Egyptian prison. Tito had been falsely accused and imprisoned for fifteen years because he converted from being a Muslim to being a Mormon. After forty hours of interviewing Tito and months of investigation, Jeff was ready to begin what he calls the hardest book he’s ever written.

If you love a great memoir, if you love a story that lingers with you long after you finish the final page, this is the book for you! But I warn you, don’t expect to read a chapter or two and then stop to pick up the kids from school. This book will get you hooked. You’ll be immersed in the world of Islam and living life through the eyes of a Muslim man who was searching for truth. Without revealing too much I will only say that Tito’s story will make an amazing movie someday! His attempt to escape Cairo, getting caught but surviving the unthinkable, and never losing hope is a story that everyone will cheer for and cherish. I don’t guarantee many things but I guarantee you will love this book—the full story!

I’ve now spent many hours with Tito Momen and I can tell you I’m a better human being for knowing him and his story. His testimony is rock-solid. He is as humble as they come. And when you look into his eyes, you can see a depth of understanding that can only come through the refiner’s fire and understanding the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Name Used to Be Muhammad is a must-read, and I give it my highest recommendation!

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