The Silence of God


Review of The Silence of God, by Gale Sears.
Written by Chris Schoebinger, Deseret Book Product Director and Acquisitions Editor.

Award-winning author Gale Sears and her unforgettable historical novel!

I recently celebrated my 25th Anniversary in the book industry. You could literally say that books have been my life for a quarter of a century. Of course, when you've sold and published books for as long as I have people always ask, "Tell me something you'd highly recommend."

It's hard to pick an absolute favorite. I don't really have a top ten list. However, I do have a list called, "Books I've read more than once." These are the stories that have lingered with me long after I've finished them. They're the ones I keep talking about days and weeks after I've finished. They're the unforgettable books that call like an addiction to be picked up again and again. THE SILENCE OF GOD is one of those books. It is riveting, soul-stirring, and simply, superb storytelling.

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. I love being swept away to a different time and a different place where living life feels like I'm living on a different planet. In THE SILENCE OF GOD, the author teleports us to the early 1900s as readers discover the fascinating and splendid history of Russia.

Although this book is fiction, the Lindlof family was a real family and were eyewitnesses to the tumultuous years surrounding the Bolshevik Revolution. At the time they were the only Latter-day Saint family living in St. Petersburg. Based on an amazing true story, Agnes Lindlof, a Latter-day Saint, and her lifelong friend, Natasha Gavrilova, a Bolshevik, are separated when the Lindlofs are ripped from their home because of their religion and faith in God. A series of riddles that the two girls shared at childhood are the clues that give each other hope and a chance to survive the unthinkable.

One of my favorite parts of this book are the historical notes at the end of each chapter that give additional insights and background to the true events that happened within this remarkable story.

Also, I have to say that I'm somewhat of an audio snob and can't recommend audiobooks unless the story and the narrator are both excellent. I heartily recommend this audio recording and give it five stars! The narrator is one of my favorite! (Note: the bonus historical notes are not included in the audiobook.)

I seldom use the word "guaranteed" about anything but after you finish the first couple chapters you'll have a hard time putting down this book, guaranteed!

Chris Schoebinger
Product Director/Acquisitions Editor
Deseret Book Company

P.S. Don't let the Prologue scare you.

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