(This is an excerpt from My Name Used to be Muhammad by Jeff Benedict and Tito Momen.)

“Did Christ really make an appearance in the ancient Americas?”

It made sense to me that Christ would choose to visit people besides the Jews. Then I remembered reading in the New Testament that Jesus said he was going to visit his other sheep. The Book of Mormon claims to be a record of Christ’s other sheep, those who left Jerusalem six hundred years before his birth.

I used some of the logic I had learned as a Muslim to work my way through the situation. If one believes that Jesus ascended to the heavens, then one has to believe he has the power to appear anywhere. And if one can believe that he rose from the dead, one certainly must accept the possibility that he is capable of appearing somewhere else on the planet. What is harder to believe, that he rose from the dead or that he appeared on more than one continent?

Then I broke it down even more simply. If Jesus Christ is divine, he can appear to people in another part of the world. If one doesn’t believe he can do this, one belittles him.

I concluded he had visited the people in America. Tears filled my eyes as I visualized them touching the nail marks in Christ’s palms. I wanted to touch those nail marks myself. For the first time in my life I wanted to be in Christ’s presence. I never thought I’d feel something like that. But the words of the Bible and the Book of Mormon had stirred my soul. It’s hard to describe what I felt. But it was unlike anything I had ever encountered while reading the Qur’an or any other book.

I had always believed that Jesus is not divine. Now I believed that he is.

(Tito Momen, My Name Used to be Muhammad: The True Story of a Muslim Who Became a Christian [Salt Lake City: Ensign Peak, 2013], 174–75).



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