The Lord Desires to Bless Us


This is an excerpt from A Year of Powerful Prayer, by Deseret Book Company.

The Lord truly wants to bless us in all aspects of our lives—our temporal needs, our goals, our relationships, our spiritual desires, and everything else. The key to receiving these blessings is to ask in prayer. Those who ask in faith and then obey the direction he gives them will receive the blessings. Of course, if we choose not to obey the Lord, we receive no promise, as a result of our disobedience.

I think many of us have a tendency to have our morning or evening prayers, and maybe even pray a few other times in a day, but not really pray. I’d ask you this question: When you face a new challenge in your day, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Where does your heart run first? I hope it’s to the Lord. That will be the case if you’re trying to pray without ceasing. If you’re not, I would say you’re “winging it” on your own. You’re trying to work through the day’s many problems with the hope that your prayer in the morning covered it all.

It is most helpful when you move into any new circumstance, or when you are trying to assist others, that you have a prayer in your heart. “How should I deal with this? What should I do? Are there any special concerns that I ought to know about? Heavenly Father, help me. Help me.”

Unfortunately, many of us don’t ask. So we go off on our own and don’t obtain the help we could have received with the problems we face each day.

Once again I bear humble witness that if we ask, as the scriptures say over and over again, we will receive. Again I bear witness that not one single, sincere prayer has been offered since the beginning of time that the Lord didn’t respond to. Not one. Our problem is we don’t ask.

(Gene R. Cook, A Year of Powerful Prayer: Getting Answers for your Life Every Day [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2013], 17–18).



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