The Most Basic Truths


This is an excerpt from A Year of Powerful Prayer, by Deseret Book Company.

The most basic truth about the universe is that a magnificent, kindly Being upholds all things. And the most basic truth about us is that each of us is his own child, treasured in his sight. . . .

During our premortal sojourn with God, we spoke to him freely, and he never failed to answer. Now in the mortal test, we do not see him for a little season, and we feel that we do not know him as well. But his interest in us has not diminished one whit. His eyes are still upon us. It is still our privilege to speak with him, and he still promises to answer.

Of course, there can be no communing with him, or with anyone for that matter, unless we are genuine. Prayer is genuine or it isn’t prayer. A good parent welcomes every conversation from a sincere child. Otherwise the conversation isn’t real. A good teacher welcomes any question as long as the student really wants to hear the answer. Otherwise it isn’t really a question.

We are genuine with God when we trust not only that he is “up there somewhere” but also that he is our friend and that he is always right. This is our courtesy, our faith in the Father—giving him credit for what he really is.

And it is only honest to pray with “real intent”—the intention to do his will as soon as he replies (Moroni 10:4). We lean forward, ready to obey. In fact, we already know many of the things he would have us do. If our intent is real, we are already doing those things, even before the next answer comes.

Those who pray genuinely discover again and again that he answers prayers.

(Wayne E. Brickey, A Year of Powerful Prayer: Getting Answers for your Life Every Day [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2013], 20–21).



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