Open Our Hearts


(This is an excerpt from the book Standing Up in a Sit-Down World.)

When we open our ears and really listen, the Spirit can truly communicate with us. We become receptive not only to the still small voice but also to the feelings and promptings that come from the Spirit along with it.

I remember speaking at a Time Out for Women conference in Denver, Colorado. It had been a marvelous event, and I was about halfway through my talk when the whole room went dark. The power had gone out! I was standing on a stage in front of more than eighteen hundred women, and it was pitch-black and the microphone was out. I called out to them to sit quietly for a bit while we figured out what had gone wrong. A woman in the audience had a small flashlight that she gave to me. The producer finally reported to me that the power was out in the whole BlockQuote and it was time for my booming voice.

I walked into the middle of the audience and I asked if everyone could hear me. The women called back that they could. The room then hushed as the crowd waited to hear the rest of my talk. An electric feeling filled the room as I continued my presentation. The women were still as they listened in the dark. It was an amazing experience as the power of the Spirit filled the room and the women opened their ears to hear. When I announced that my next point was “Be Enlightened,” there was a moment of quiet, and then the whole place erupted in laughter. There we were, sitting in the dark and listening to a discussion on enlightenment! It was truly a memorable moment.

Later, during the next speaker’s presentation, the power came back on, but by then the women were so tuned in to listening that the power of the experience continued throughout the rest of the event.


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