Choosing Friends Wisely


(This is an excerpt from the book Return by Robert D. Hales.)

There is a marvelous lesson to be learned from those who live in the islands. When they catch crabs, they place them in a small, flat basket. If you place one crab in the basket, it crawls right out; if you place two crabs in the basket, every time one crab starts to crawl out, it is pulled back in by the other crab.

This method is one way—and a very effective way—that Lucifer accomplishes his work. His mission statement is to make all men “miserable like unto himself” (2 Nephi 2:27). As we strive to become spiritually strong and escape the sins of this world, he strives to hold onto us and keep us within his grasp.

Knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes our friends participate in this kind of behavior. Sin likes company, and when a friend is taking a detour from the strait and narrow path, he or she will be naturally inclined to bring us along. For this reason, among the most critical decisions we make during our decade of preparation is who our friends will be. Our most important choices will be influenced by them. Wherever they go, we will be tempted to go with them. Whoever they are is a good indication of who we may be becoming.


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