Sandra Rast - Deseret Book Artist Interview


The temple is a place of learning, a symbol of strength, a sanctuary of instruction, a place of revelation, a refuge from the storms of life. It is a place to worship the Savior. The gold in this painting is symbolic of things that are celestial, enlightenment, radiance, flory & divinity. Gold is a symbol for wisdom and heavenly beings. The storm clouds represent trials and adversity. The light and clouds around the temple represent the Light of Christ, the presence of the Savior and the veil. The light of Christ penetrates any darkness if you have faith. The reflections are a reminder to reflect on all the good things in your life and also to reflect the light of Christ by living his teachings. The umbrellas are symbolic of the shield of the gospel. Red is symbolic of how love is the heart of the home. It also symbolizes the atonement and the beautiful gift of repentance and healing. Green is symbolic of everlasting life and hope.


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