Yunga Webb helps you feel closer to the Lord through song by becoming a more confident singer.  

A personal singing lesson

Learn from Yunga's experience as she teaches singing tips you can do at home.

Gain confidence to sing

Yunga's vocal coaching techniques will help you lift your voice in song, no matter

your singing ability.

Hear a private concert

Yunga teaches by example, sharing her voice to sing sacred hymns and one of her gospel favorites.

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Meet Yunga

Yunga Webb has been singing all her life, starting with her growing up years in the musical Bonner Family. As a professional singer she has entertained crowds the world over, and as a teacher she has taught thousands of students to grow in their musical talents. Yunga has a master's degree in education and currently works as Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at a school on the east coast near where her daughter is attending university. In her spare time, Yunga enjoys cooking complicated recipes like gumbo, a tradition in her family, and going on long, chat-filled walks with her friends.