Learn to navigate life when the path is unclear and see your blessings

even during trials.  

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Meet Colleen

Colleen loves sharing the word of God and building faith in the Savior. For over thirty years she has been teaching the gospel in one way or another, from her mission in Michigan, to the Missionary Training Center, to Especially for Youth and For the Strength of Youth gatherings, to seminary and institute classrooms. At Brigham Young University, Colleen was a member of the folk and ballroom dance teams, and she later earned a master’s degree in educational technology from the University of Phoenix. No stranger to trials, Colleen is a Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor, was caregiver for her parents in their later years, and spent most of her life single. In April 2017, at the age of fifty-two, she married for the first time. Her husband truly is the love of her life and was definitely worth the wait. Colleen loves hosting family parties and believes holiday baking isn’t complete without a Hallmark movie playing in the background.