Learn how to help returned missionaries keep the fire of faith they gained on their missions so they can be successful as they launch into the next phase of life.  

Learn from returned missionaries

Bruce shares a candid conversation with two recently returned missionaries about their hopes and worries for post-mission life. Based on their personal experiences, each shares ideas for how to connect and help your returned missionary adjust and progress.

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Meet Bruce

Bruce Chang immigrated to the United States from Taiwan when he was twelve years old. At the age of 17, he converted from Buddhism and was baptized then subsequently served a mission in Arcadia, California, speaking Chinese. A lifelong learner, Bruce is the first college graduate in his family, his formal education culminating with a PhD in Organizational Leadership. For the past 25 years he has been working in the seminary and institute program, served as a counselor in a young single adult stake, and was a counselor in the California Arcadia Mission presidency. He and his wife, Kaziah, are the parents of three children. As someone who appreciates a good joke, Bruce believes the adage that laughter is nature’s unlimited supply of medicine and that eating with chopsticks makes anything feel like Chinese food.